Interfaith Lecture Series 3

Religion and Science

This lecture was organized by Rumi Forum and CNU Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies.

Mr. Vladimir Fedorenko, Rethink Institute
Mr. Moises Hassan-Amselem, Independent Scholar
Rev. Daniel Jungkuntz, Peninsula Pastoral Counseling Center
Dr. Graham Schweig, Christopher Newport University
Moderator: Dr. Hussam S. Timani, Christopher Newport University
Do science and religion conflict or can they co-exist? Do they compete or complement one another? Do they disprove or support one another? Our speakers answered such questions from various religious and social sciences perspectives.
Bilal Ankaya, Program Director of Institude of Islamic and Turkish Studies
Dean David Doughty, Christopher Newport University
Dr. Lawrence Arthur Forman, Rabbi Emeritus, Ohef Sholom Temple
Dr.Graham Schweig, Christopher Newport University

Moderator: Dr. Hussam Timani, Christopher Newport University

Monday, March 26, 2012
Gaines Theatre at CNU campus